Zombie Head Cheese

As the festival of Halloween looms around the corner, deliciously creepy confections run rampant, and the ‘Zombie Head Cheese’ by Not Martha will creep your guests out while filling up their tummies. And while it looks rather gross, it’s really just spreadable cheese on a plastic skull with some food coloring and, the best part, cocktail onions for eyeballs.


One thought on “Zombie Head Cheese

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    A year ago, a girl named Kathy was hated
    by everyone. Everyone made fun of her. She
    … was ignored. Even by messages.
    … … One day she decided to kill herself.
    Be………ca……use……………………….. even her
    parents ignored her. She jumped out her
    window. No one noticed untill people
    started disappearing. Kathy haunted them.
    She made them suffer like the way she did.
    She hung them slowly and stabbed over and
    over very slowly so they could suffer like
    she did. If you don't send this message to 15
    different comments, you will die tonight by
    Kathy. Because she considers it ignoring her.
    Example 1:
    Dave looked at the first sentence and said,
    “Spam” and the next day the neighbors
    found him in his backyard, dead.
    Example 2:
    Joane was alone. She didn't have kids or a
    husband. She had a lot of friends. When she
    had a sleepover with them she quickly had
    to check her e-mail. She saw this message
    and sent it only to 6 people because she
    thought she couldn't die that night because
    she was surrounded by people. The next
    morning Joane's friends found her in her
    bathtub, dead.
    If you don't send this, KATHY WILL FIND


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