Black and white twins Really Rare and incredible

Parents in Germany are welcoming a very rare set of twins, the first baby was born is called Ryan, and he has light skin and blue eyes like his father. His brother, Leo, has dark skin with brown eyes like his mother.
“None of us could believe it,” the maternity ward’s head doctor, Birgit Weber, told one news source. “Both kids have definitely the same father.”
Ryan, has light skin and blue eyes. His brother, Leo, is dark-skinned with brown eyes.
Stephan Gerth is German and white. His wife, Florence Addo-Gerth, is from Ghana and has dark skin.
It was “a real surprise,” Gerth told the German newspaper Die Welt, adding that the most important thing to him isn’t color, but that everyone is healthy.
Doctors say that the odds are one in a million to get twins with different skin color, but they have  also said it can happen due to genetic soup in our backgrounds.
The twins are in a good health condition and live in Berlin, Germany.


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